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Love Cake DeFi and want to share a slice of the Cake with your audience? Apply now to become a Cake DeFi Affiliate, and benefit from high CPA payouts while promoting best-in-class DeFi services.


The Cake DeFi Affiliate program is an opportunity to promote lucrative DeFi services to your audience and get paid for it.
The Cake DeFi Referral Program is meant for existing customers who want to refer their friends & family - both the existing customer and the new customer each receive a nice bonus. Our Affiliate Program, on the other hand, is for publishers who want to acquire new customers for Cake DeFi on a large scale and on a CPA + commission basis.
The Cake DeFi Affiliate Program provides a tiered CPA payout model, ensuring an efficient media buying experience for our Affiliates. The payout depends on the product and amount your acquired users invest on Cake DeFi.
We pay in crypto. You can choose between being paid out in BTC (Bitcoin), DFI (DeFiChain), and USDC (USD Circle). For valued affiliates, a custom payout method and schedule can be agreed upon.
Running Google Search Ads on branded keywords is prohibited. To make sure you are not breaking any terms & conditions of the Cake DeFi Affiliate Program, please add the following keywords as negatives to your camping - cake, cake defi, cakedefi
As our partner, you are able to participate either in the Referral or Affiliate program. Explore both program’s highlights or ask your affiliate representative to make sure which program suits you best. Generally, our referral program is tailored towards happy customers that want to refer their friends & family to Cake DeFi, whereas our Affiliate program is made for affiliates with larger audiences.
Please feel free to contact your dedicated affiliate manager at affiliate cabinet. You can also contact the Cake DeFi support team via this link or email
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