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Join our new membership plan cakeELITE and boost your rewards up to 2.5X.
Twice a day. Being elite has never been this rewarding.

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This includes:

cakeELITE Check

2x reward boost

cakeELITE Check

15 USD monthly boost cap


Questions? Answers.

Yes, anyone who has an account with us and has completed account identity verification (minimum KYC level 1) can join cakeELITE.

Joining cakeELITE can only be done via the web browser app.cakedefi.com for now. Not great, we know. We’re working on it!

The reward booster will be applicable to the following services:
- Staking
- Liquidity Mining
- Earn
- Freezer
- YieldVault (coming soon)
The reward booster will not be applicable to Borrow.
Cake DeFi may update the reward booster’s applicability to its services from time-to-time on this page, or in its Terms & Conditions.

Payouts from the reward booster will be paid in-kind, i.e. in the cryptocurrency that you have allocated.
One exception is Liquidity Mining, where the reward booster payouts will be in DFI.
For e.g. if you have allocations in BTC-DFI Liquidity Mining and ETH staking and are an ELITE, you will receive payouts in DFI and ETH.*
*This would be the case if the reward booster amount is below the maximum limit specified by Cake DeFi (the “cap”). If the amount exceeds the cap, the distribution of the reward booster will be based on the reward payout schedule for the product(s) that you have allocations in.

This depends on whether the total reward booster payout amount for the eligible products exceeds the maximum limit specified by Cake DeFi (the “cap”).
- If it’s below the cap, you’ll receive a reward booster on all rewards generated from your allocations.
- If it exceeds the cap, the reward booster will be paid out based on the reward payout schedule, up till the cap is reached. (The reward payout schedule refers to when the normal rewards are paid out for the products that you have allocations in.)
For example, if you have allocations in Staking and Liquidity Mining, and the Staking rewards are paid out prior to the Liquidity Mining rewards, you will receive a reward booster on the Staking rewards up till the cap is reached, and there will not be any reward booster on the Liquidity Mining rewards.

You can pay for cakeELITE via credit/debit card. We plan to add more payment methods in the future.