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Easy access to lucrative Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services, offering high returns for beginners and experienced investors alike.

Cake DeFi

Allocate your funds your way.



Deposit crypto into lending batches and get guaranteed returns in 4 weeks. Earn bonus returns if crypto prices go up during a batch.

Interest rate

Up to ...% per year

Price volatility



Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining

Deposit your favourite coins into shared liquidity mining (aka yield farming) pools and mine popular coin pairs for high rewards with minimal fuss.

Interest rate

Up to ...% per year

Price volatility





Join fully transparent masternode pools to earn staking yields of up to .... in real-time, without the hassle or complexity of running a masternode yourself.

Interest rate

Up to ...% per year

Price volatility




Earn the most competitive yields.

We offer industry-leading rates on your favourite coins. Compare rates for BTC, ETH and USDC and see how much more you could be earning with Cake DeFi.

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How much can I earn?

Our products are powered by DeFi and are designed to help you effortlessly generate cash flow from your crypto.

At the end of 1 year, you can earn up to ... of ... at *.

* The APY displayed is an estimated figure based on the 7 day average, and could be subject to change.

Nothing beats sweet treats.

Your appetite for wealth deserves a matching platform as sweet as Cake.

Cake DeFi vs
Liquidity Mining
Rates & Limits
Max APY in kind
Min. deposit
Lock-in period
Earliest interest payout
Cake DeFi logo Cake DeFi
Coming Soon
Up to ...
Optional, with bonus returns
Every 12 hours
BlockFi logo BlockFi
Up to 8%
Every month
How to step $1

Automate your investments

Earning has never been easier with Cake’s automatic real-time compounding with each reward.

How to step $2

Secured with institutional-grade multi-signature asset custody

We employ the highest security standards and practices for your funds. Our custody system involves cold storage and multi-signature authorization to protect your assets.

Why invest with Cake DeFi?

Try out Cake DeFi today and get $30 FREE.

Receive a $30 bonus deposited directly into your account when you complete your registration and make your first investment of $50 or more (in any coin) into either our Lending, Staking Freezer or Liquidity Mining Freezer product.

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Mobile app

Manage all your investments at your fingertips.

Access your Cake DeFi account on-the-go with the all-new Cake DeFi mobile app. Available on iOS and Android.

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How do I create an account on Cake DeFi?

Opening an account to put your cryptos to work with Cake DeFi is a process that is completed online. Simply click on “Sign Up” on the main menu and follow the instructions.

Cake DeFi only requires an ID (Passport or Identity Card), and a proof of address (depending on country) to complete registration and KYC (Know Your Customer). Both can be scanned through the platform, and an application is usually processed within a few hours.

To learn more about how to sign up on Cake DeFi, please read here.

How do the different products work on Cake DeFi?

Cake DeFi offers a multitude of products including Staking, Liquidity Mining and Lending, each designed to generate returns and rewards for its users.

To learn more about how each of these products work, please read here.

How does Cake DeFi protect my assets?

Cake DeFi places the utmost degree of importance on the handling of all crypto assets and cybersecurity. The company has made significant investments and has taken all necessary steps to ensure that any and all risk factors are mitigated.

Cake DeFi practices clear asset segregation, whereby customers’ assets are kept separate from Cake DeFi’s operating accounts.

As part of our pledge for transparency, and our general code of conduct and ethics, Cake DeFi has placed specific safeguards to ensure that it cannot and will not misappropriate any user assets by utilising them for its own purposes. This includes, but is not limited to operating expenses or maintaining product liquidity. As such, if Cake DeFi were to become insolvent, creditors (if any) would have no claim over users’ assets.

Read more here.

Is Cake DeFi available in my country?

To see the full list of countries that Cake DeFi is available in, please check here.

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